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A Taste of History and Architecture

Visit Andalucia with its crafts, folklore, religious customs and holidays – all year long.

It is here that you can discover a rich architectural heritage in such places as Granada, Alhambra palace and cathedral, Córdoba, Sevilla, Ronda, Almeria, La Alpujarra, Guadix, Cadiz, Salobreña & Almuñécar. Southern Andalucia and particulary Granada Province has it all. All enhanced by wonderful mountain scenery, inland lakes and fantastic rocky coastline with many diverse beaches – also this unique and fascinating history trail.

It is almost essential to book tickets for Alhambra in advance, to avoid disappointment.. as there are so many visitors. Click HERE to book online… or it is actually easier to book by phone on (0034) 934923750 or if calling from within Spain call 902 888 001.

Since the dawn of man, different civilisations have left an indelible mark on Andalucia – Iberians, Phoenicians, Celts, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and latterly the Catholic faith.

Many intellectuals and writers have been fascinated and taken inspiration from the local area – you may recognise such names as Averroes, Washington Irving, Ernest Hemingway, Laurie Lee, Gerald Brennan, Federico García Lorca, and more recently – Salman Rushdie, Ian Gibson, Alexie Sayle, Chris Stewart and Victoria Hislop.

Things To Do


Motril is the nearest town to Cortijo Nuevo, and has a population of around 60,000. It has a vibrancy and buzz around the town, always enhanced by the commercial port, fishing community, and now its happy tourist visitors.

Vital to the economy (if not the most important factor) is agriculture, and Motril is known for its many many greenhouses. It is amongst these that the Costa Tropical Oasis of Cortijo Nuevo is nestled… a haven of calm and tranquility.

Motril has a number of beaches to call its own… providing plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy the sunshine, without feeling packed in like a sardine… even in the busy summer period. The most popular of these are Playa Granada and Playa Poniente. Both of these are well equipped, and kept beautifully clean. But if you fancy something a little different to rolling sands, then Motril also has some stunning coves, situated between breathtaking cliffs. There are also three nude beaches. Cantarriján and El Muerto are near Almuñécar, whereas La Joya is near Motril. Read more…

Motril is located around 65 minutes drive from Malaga Airport and also has a ferry service to Morrocco at Melilla. Book ferry HERE

Things To Do

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Motril’s signature dish is “Migas”. This directly translates as “crumbs”, and is very similar to CousCous.

Of course fish plays a vital part of the local diet… and “boquerónes” are absolutely delicious. These are deep fried anchovies. Serve those with a slice of lemon, and they will melt in your mouth.

To drink, try the locally produced “Ron Palido”, a rum that is apparently named because it can make you “pallid” if you drink too much. It is manufactured from a type of sugar came that is only grown in this area, due to the micro-climate that Motril enjoys.

Although Motril has been protected from too much of a tourist influence, it is at night that the magic happens… as bars and restaurants open their doors to the local revellers.

Dinner is eaten late here, so be prepared to sit down at around 10pm, and to enjoy the local dishes or try some tapas. Of course it is obligatory to wash these down with some good Spanish wines.

Entertainment is varied, and will have something to suit everyone… from discos and jazz… to the more traditional flamenco.

If you fancy something a little quieter, then the beaches along the costas are just perfect to watch the sunsets. Bring a picnic and enjoy the views.

Things To Do
Things To Do

Go Spending

Motril has a great many shops, so you will be not be lacking in spending opportunities. There are supermarkets, a hypermarket, and plenty of boutiques and the odd gift shop, so that you can buy presents for your loved ones. You must remember though, that Motril adheres to Spanish siesta, so much of it is closed in the afternoons. The Alcampo supermarket however, is open from 9am until 10pm every day except Sunday. There is a super indoor market every day, and a street market every Tuesday and Friday.

Inland there are many artisans and gifts shops, located in the white pueblos (villages). And in Granada City you can find many Arab traders with plenty of gifts.

There is even a large modern shopping mall nearby at Vélez-Málaga… with shopping to suit all budgets and pockets.

Park Safely

We always recommend that our guests hire a car for their time with us, to fully appreciate the surroundings. In Motril there are clearly marked parking areas, and it is here that you can buy a ticket. These are extremely cheap… but don’t be tempted to avoid it or you risk your car being towed away. Do watch out for people claiming to be parking attendants – you definitely do need a ticket from the machines.

Remember that we recommend Helle Holis. They are based at Malaga Airport and you can book online. Visitors to Costa Tropical can enjoy an additional treat too. If you quote the code “HOME OWNERS CLUB – Mr Sanderson H7571″ you can have a 15% discount. Click HERE to book now.

For Fitness…

The area is breathtakingly beautiful, and looks as if it was created with cyclists and walkers in mind.

The coast roads are often busy, but head slightly inland and you will find tracks and routes where you can enjoy the peace and quiet, whilst appreciating the natural beauty surrounding you.

Exploring the mountain villages is a must – but you will need to throw the bikes in the boot of the car for some of this.

The Sierra Nevada is only an hour or so’s drive away, and is very popular with skiers and snowboarders in the winter months. Where else can you sunbathe on a beach in the morning, and yet be on the piste in the afternoon?

There is an 18 hole golf course on the coast at Motril, so only a short 15 minute drive away from Cortijo Nuevo. Find out more about Los Moriscos Golf…

Things To Do

Horse Riding

Horse riding is extremely popular, and we are happy to recommend La Herradura Riding Centre.

Click HERE for more information

Love the sea? The coastline is renowned for its diverse sealife, and the waters are beautifully clear. We are happy to recommend Sail and Sea watersports.

For Keen Swimmers

Aside from the coast there are a couple of indoor pools, and also an outdoor municipal pool.

Motril has fine sports facilities, a stadium and even a professional football team.

Things To Do

Here are some more interesting places that you can visit whilst staying with us.

Pueblos de América Park

 – this is the largest park in Motril, and plays host to an abundance of flora. It’s a paradise for green-fingered enthusiasts.

Casa de la Palma

 – originally a sugar mill, this majestic building was owned by a noble Arab before being confiscated by the Spanish Crown in 1569Read more…

Sugar Cane Museum

 – this pre-industrial Sugar Cane Museum is located in the entrance of the Pueblos de América Park, and is built on the remains of an old sugar mill from the XVIth Century. Read more…

Motril tourism

 – the fabulous Motril tourism website has been given an overhaul and has even more suggestions of places to visit. The website is available in various languages. To view the site in English, read more…

Things To Do


The tropical plantlife in this area is so varied and beautiful – and owes its thanks to the tropical climate, unique to the area. For green fingered people, this is an absolute highlight!

Granada… Almuñecar, Salobreña and Calahonda.

Almuñecar’s historic influence is found at every turn, and is a beautiful place to unwind and enjoy some great tapas or sunbathing on its beaches. It also has a water park and a Tropical Bird Sanctuary.

For that picture postcard village feel… head to Salobreña – a stunning village, overlooked by a castle. Calahonda offers miles of beaches, so space is never an issue.

Things To Do
Things To Do

A Short Distance Away…

Granada is just a short hour’s drive away, and boasts the breathtakingly beautiful Alhambra Palace and the Generalife gardens. Just these two places alone, make Granada one of the most visted places in Spain. Add to that the many shops, bars and restaurants and there is something for everyone.

All of this is framed against the magnificent  Sierra Nevada mountains. Read more…

Las Alpujarras

This area is a series of gorges at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is probably one of the most beautiful areas in Spain. Predominantly Spanish, it is filled withn tiny villages, seemingly clinging on to the rocky hills for all their lives are worth. Take your camera, the views are phenomenal. Located just 30 minutes behind Cortijo Nuevo, this area offers fantastic walking and riding. It is like stepping back into the 19th century – views are not to be missed. Read more…

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada directly translates as “Snowy Mountains”, and for the winter months it is easy to see how they earned their name.

Sierra Nevada is a range of mountains, including the highest peak in Spain (Mulhacén – 3482 m).

This National Park is very popular with skiers and snowboarders during the winter season, and with hikers during the summer.

This area is approximately 75 minutes drive from Cortijo Nuevo, and you can ski from December to April. Read more…


Sometimes referred to as the “jewel of the Costa del Sol”, Nerja is located between Cortijo Nuevo and Malaga. The most famous of its landmarks are the prehsitoric caves, discovered by some lads at the end of the 1950s. Read more…


Things To Do
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